Legal Services

Sandman Legal P.C. provides legal services to expert witnesses and the expert witness industry. Expert witnesses need to ensure that they have the proper legal and business foundations to operate successfully.  That’s where Sandman Legal P.C. comes in:  assisting the expert witness community with legal needs necessary to establish a strong foundation for excellence. 

Legal Services

If you are going to be an expert witness, you will need the assistance of a top law firm.  You will need a qualified attorney to draft a customized retainer agreement/expert witness contract and fee schedule.  Sandman Legal P.C. offers the following comprehensive law firm services for experts:  contract review and drafting, fee schedule review and drafting, resolution of disputes specific to the expert witness industry, insurance policy review and consulting, and general counsel services. 

Contract Review and Drafting

It is crucial to have a well-drafted expert witness contract.  Without it, problems and confusion can arise.   We have seen many experts who simply download forms from the internet. These are generic, outdated forms that can often lead to disastrous results.  The expert witness engagement contract/retainer agreement is the foundation of a successful relationship between the expert witness and the law firm. It will also help lead to repeat business and enhanced credibility for the expert witness. Contact Sandman Legal P.C. to help ensure your expert witness engagement starts off right.   

Fee Schedule Drafting

How much should you get paid for your expert testimony?  How will you be compensated?  These are tricky questions, especially for the first-time expert witness.  However, Sandman Legal P.C. has seen more fee schedules than any other firm in the industry.  We know what is appropriate for experts to charge and can help draft an expert witness fee schedule and determine what your fair compensation should be.   

Resolution of Disputes Specific to the Expert Witness Industry

Issues can come up at any time during an expert witnesses’ preparation, testimony, or post-testimony.  However, Sandman Legal P.C. knows how to deal with these common and sometimes complex disputes within the context of an expert witness engagement.  Rest assured, we can quickly diffuse legal and personality conflicts whenever the need arises.  

Insurance Policy Review and Consulting

Do you need insurance, and how much coverage will you need?  The answer depends on many factors that are unique to the needs of each expert witness. Don’t fall into some insurance scam or play a guessing game on information found on the internet! We have years of policy review experience and will be able to review your situation and determine the insurance coverage you need.  

General Counsel Services for Expert Witnesses

Attorney Dan Sandman has 20 years of experience under his belt as a licensed attorney combined with unique insight into the expert witness industry.  He is able to provide general counsel services for any expert witness or expert witness organization. 

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If you are a doctor, dentist, nurse, health care professional or possess other expertise and want to enter the expert witness field, you must be prepared.  A law firm partner like Sandman Legal P.C. is crucial to your success. Contact Sandman Legal P.C. today to find out how we can help you.